Feb 15, 2012


Read (Think) Books has been open for a month, and we are still without that most critical of communication tools, the SIGN. Other advertising is moving along: Kristin has recorded a radio ad and two radio interviews on WPLK and WIYD; we have been busily tweeting and facebooking; we've sent out bookmarks, flyers and helpful friends and family to chat up everyone; but still no sign above our door to help those in need of a beacon. We're on it though: expect signs of all types to be appearing around Palatka and on our very own storefront in the next month. Until then, please stumble over to see us, 10-5, Tuesday through Saturday. While you're here, check out our great 600 block neighbors: David Church Construction, The Guide Post, Graphics II, Jack Massey Jewelers, and Ralph's House of Flowers!

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