Jul 20, 2012

Book Clubs and Literature Circles

 Read (Think) Books will be hosting its first book clubs at the end of this month! We are very excited to bring book lovers together under our roof, and to discuss some good books. If you have an idea for a book club and would like to meet others with similar interests please let us know and we will work with you to get your club started. Already part of a book club in Palatka or the surrounding areas? Consider holding a meeting or meetings here. We welcome book clubs and other similar groups to enjoy our cozy setting.

SSYRA Literature Circle
Read (Think) Books

Read (Think) Books will be having its first Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Literature Circle on Friday July 27th, from 5 6pm. Students going into 3rd through 8th grades should bring one book that they have read so far this summer to discuss with the group (this first book does not have to be an SSYRA title). After this first meeting students will be separated into a 3rd 5th grade group and a 6th 8th grade group. Students in each group will vote on an SSYRA book to read and discuss throughout the month. Light refreshments will be served. 

Read (Think) Books'
SSYRA Literature Circle Discussion Guide for Introducing a Book to the Group

This guide is to help you talk about the book that you will be sharing during the first meeting. The questions are for inspiration--don't feel you have to answer all of them, or that you can't talk about other things. Remember other people in the group may not have read your book yet, so beware spoilers! If you were inspired by the book and made fan art, fan fiction, or other creation, please bring it to share.

Basic Information About the Book:

Book Title:
Genre: (contemporary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery,  etc.) 

Your Reaction to the Book:
What made you choose this book to read?
Were you pulled into the world in the book quickly, or did it take time?
What did you like best about the book? (Did it have interesting characters, a fast and thrilling plot, humorous dialogue?)
If someone enjoyed this book, what other book do you think they would enjoy? 

About the Writing:

What point of view was the book from? Was there more than one point of view?
Was the writing formal or more casual, like reading a person's journal?
Was there a cliffhanger ending, or were the problems resolved at the end?

The Jane Austen Book Club
Read (Think) Books

Read (Think) Books will be hosting its first Jane Austen Book Club party on Tuesday, July 31st from 5 – 6 pm. This first meeting will be a chance for those interested in the group to meet and decide which Jane Austen book to read first. Come join us for fun and refreshments and meet other fans of this classic English Romance author.

For more information, please contact us by phone at (386) 227-7752 or email at store@readthinkbooks.com

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