Jul 13, 2017

Co-owner Kristin's Last Day as Manager

Back in the fall of 2011, Kristin, Mom, and I decided to open a bookstore. We would have never done it, never thought it remotely possible, without Kristin's commitment to be store manager. 

She took the work in hand with incredible industry and grace, recording spots on the radio, making allies in the community, greeting every person and question with friendliness, and mastering all the computer systems necessary to run a modern business. 

For five and a half years, Kristin, with the help of her mom, Anna, bookstore cat Sally, and the support of her Swanson and Waters family, has created a warm, thoughtful, safe place for every kind of reader. Against a backdrop of 30,000 books, she's formed a community who can buy a book, work with a book group, write, or meet others who enjoy the same. She's helped people thousands of times to find the right book to learn from or to just enjoy a quiet afternoon. 

I have always pretended the day wouldn't come when she moved on to a new challenge, but it did. As of Saturday, July 22nd, Kristin is our beloved Former First Lady of RTB.

But even though Kristin will no longer work day to day, she remains a co-owner and decision-maker in the business. While customers will see new faces behind the register, she will come by on occasion to make sure we are treating you right. 

Sally will be informing on us, as well, so we'll be on our toes!

--Mary K Swanson, Co-owner
Please join us July 22nd, from 2:00 to 4:30, as we commemorate Kristin's final day and celebrate her new teaching job.

Kristin and Sally, with Grandpa Stan, Co-owner Grandma Mary, Mom Anna, and Aunt Sarah

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  1. Read Think Books is an asset to Putnam county. You have enriched the community - Thanks


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