Sep 19, 2014

Rob Mattson Will Be Signing 'The Civil War Navy in Florida' next Thursday!

Rob in 2013 as a Union officer
We're glad to welcome local author and friend to the store Robert Mattson, who will be signing his book, The Civil War Navy in Florida, at Read (Think) Books on Thursday, September 25th.

Rob will  be dressed in character as a Union Navy seaman and is offering a sailor-style snack of saltine crackers, pepperoni and sliced cheese, reflecting the standard fare aboard a Navy ship of the time, ship's bisket, salt pork and cheese.

Rob as a Union Navy Seaman
Rob has been involved in living history interpretation of the Naval Civil War for the past nine years as a member of the USS Ft. Henry Living History Association. He is a contributing blogger to the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial site and lives with his family in East Palatka.

And remember, after learning more about the Civil War navies, you can attend the events of The Occupation of Palatka 1864, happening at the Bronson-Mulholland House on Friday and Saturday. (You'll see Rob there.)

The Civil War Navy in Florida
From the book jacket:
Along the Florida coast throughout the American Civil War, the U.S. Navy was a major part of the Union war effort, engaging in blockade operations, and conducting numerous shore party raids to cut out blockade runners, destroy salt works, capture supplies and free slaves. In this book, I provide overviews and descriptions of U.S. Navy actions in Florida, the ships and men of the Navies in Florida, and some little-known activity of the Confederate Navy in Florida.

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