Dec 14, 2012

Signs of the Book-alypse

In honor of "Alas, Babylon," I would like to point out that
We have a sign!
It took moving to another space, but Read (Think) Books finally has a 4' x 8' sign. It looks great, and we have to thank Gary Morris from Morris Sign Company in DeLand, Florida. Great work, Gary! We love it.

New sign before mounting.
We also have a beautiful white window sign from Atomic Tees. Look for more Atomic Tees signs in our windows!

Atomic Tees makes elegant signs!
Our new home is still with our favorite landpeople, Kim and Dave Church, but is now larger and on the corner.

Jjeree is creating beautiful decorations for the store to rival her previous ones. Her current window is a whimsical landscape of book-art Christmas trees, populated by a flock of helpful blackbirds struggling to wrap gifts with oversized paper and giant spools of ribbon. You can see more of her great designs in our store on on our facebook page.

More Signs

Jjeree's Christmas window.
We are still under construction in the new space, but when we are done, you will be able to look through 5,000 more books, both new and used. So, until it's complete, you'll be seeing "under construction" signs in our windows!

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