May 14, 2012

All the New That's Fit to Print

Read (Think) Books has been spending its collective time thinking a lot about the word "new." (Obviously, we haven't been blogging!)

R(T)B already offers individual order services for new books, but with the imminent closure of Andrea's Bookstore, we have decided to add a substantial new book inventory to our downtown store. We will also begin providing bulk order services to schools and organizations.

Wow! We are excited, talking to publishers, thinking about adding new hours, and generally running around like height-reduced chickens.

So when will the new books appear? It's still a bit of a mystery, but you'll see them displayed prominently before summer is in full swing.

As for the signs promised in the last post, we now have a beautiful door sign, road signs and a-frame provided by Atomic Tees, as well as car magnets from Dave's Tops and Trim. Our display, "Spring is Afoot," by Jjeree, spent April brightening up the Downtown Welcome Center. A building sign is still in our future, but with the big changes coming up, we want to wait and create a sign that truly reflects our growing scope.

New Bookstore Cat
P.S.: Thanks to Jody Delzell and the Palatka Daily News for making a news miss into a hit by featuring our bookstore in a front page story! Look for our ad appearing in the Thursday special section.

We owe our biggest thanks, however, to our wonderful community and customers who called and emailed to let the PDN know that we are here.

More new to come!

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